Buy or build? Tips about expanding your workplace


We started STOKES|HERZOG Consulting and Marketing in the summer of 2014. In fact, the day we opened for business was in fact, the fourth of July. Our independence day for a number of different reasons.

Since that time we’ve expanded to serve more clients, hired more great people to work with us and expanded all of our marketing and consulting services.

And now four years later, in 2018, we have even bigger news.

And that’s because in September we’re closing on our new building on Eau Claire’s south side.

We started out here at 415 East Clairemont Avenue. And then about six months later, we opened out second space, our STOKES|HERZOG video studio here two doors down.

And that was great, until we started to hire more people and then started to fill up both of these spaces with desks and chairs. Now, it’s time to expand again.

It’s a fantastic development and we can’t thank our employees and our clients enough. With this move will come more opportunities to expand out team, create even more room for more great clients and grow this company that has had so much support from or friends and neighbors all over western Wisconsin.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of the business community and all of our former TV fans from around the area who have now become friends.

But this is just the start. For the next several weeks, we’re going to explore some of the considerations we had to make and big decisions we pondered on the way to deciding our future.

When should you, as a business owner or CEO, move to a new space. What considerations are there? And how do you know what the right move to make is?

We’re going to explore that and also roll out a brand new look for our company STOKES|HERZOG.

So come back here often for updates and don’t forget, we’ll soon take you on a special tour of our brand new building!

If you have questions about the building buying process, be sure to send us an email.

Chris Herzog is the co-owner of Stokes+HERZOG Marketing and Consulting based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company handles advertising and Human Resources consulting for large corporations, hospitals, non-profit organizations and municipalities all across the U.S. Log on to stokesherzog.com for more information.

Chris Herzog and his wife Sarah Stokes, are both former WEAU television news anchors, started Stokes+HERZOG, an advertising and public relations agency in 2014. The agency assists both local and global clients with all of their corporate business consulting, advertising, public relations, and marketing needs including video production, website management, graphic design, social media management and overall marketing and advertising strategy.

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