Gracefully embracing fall and tackling your to-do’s

The kids are going back to school and we might be feeling ready for our routines, too. I’ve heard more than one parent say, “I’m so ready for our routine to start again.” You’re probably noticing a certain squirm to the office culture, too. Perhaps our back-to-school mentalities don’t stop aftergraduation?

Here are the top 3 ways to make it peaceful and profitable:

  1. Clearly communicate your expectations for the last few days of summer.Understand everyone is squeezing out the last few drops of it. Your kids, your clients, and your staff may not be fully focused. Make sure you are distinctivelycommunicating with everyone in your daily life to keep things on track. Deadlines, sleep schedules, you name it need to be understood and followed to keep things running smoothly.


  1. Forecast your goals for the rest of 2018.What do you want to get done this year? The end of summer isn’t the end of the hustle. Point out to your customers that there’s still plenty of year left to dig deep, crush their goals, and make things happen. Remind them you’re the person to partner with to see it through. At home, perhaps you’re wishing you’d been more diligent in the yard or painted the house. Set new goals and timelines at home and work to finish strong. Don’t forget to write them down.


  1. Celebrate what you accomplished this summer.So often, when we feel that annoying urge to complain, we’ve forgotten how much we’ve actually achieved. Look back at your summer and give yourself the gift of relishing in the ways you were awesome. Did you make a customer really happy with that project? Did you finally take the kids to that state park? You probably had a great summer. You’ll have a more peaceful fall into the cooler months if you go in with a sense of accomplishment.


When we clearly communicate, set our goals, and celebrate our wins, life is less stressful.


Sarah Stokes is the co-owner of STOKES|HERZOG Marketing and Consulting based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company handles advertising and Human Resources consulting for large corporations, hospitals, non-profit organizations and municipalities all across the U.S. Log on to stokesherzog.com for more information.

Sarah Stokes and her husband Chris Herzog, who are both former WEAU television news anchors, started Stokes+HERZOG, an advertising and public relations agency in 2014. The agency assists both local and global clients with all of their corporate business consulting, advertising, public relations, and marketing needs including video production, website management, graphic design, social media management and overall marketing and advertising strategy.

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