Preparing for media coverage? Prep with these three tips before you’re in front of the camera

Three Things You Need to Think About Before You Get Media Coverage

After my career as a television journalist, I’ve established unique perspective on public relations. I can see the business end and the media angles. So, with that said, let’s talk about same page public relations. You can plan the perfect PR moment, and it can all go very wrong if you aren’t ready. Here are the top three things you need to think about before putting yourself out there in the media.

1. What is your intended outcome? The entire team needs to know where you want things to go so they can all help steer your company in the right direction. If your outcome is to draw people to an event, certain things need to be in place to achieve that. Again, your big idea could fall flat if parts of your company don’t know how you will measure success.

2. What is the plan if that goes awry?
If I were in the conference rooms at Nike when they came up with the plan for the new campaign featuring a polarizing former NFL player, I’d want to know what our plans were for the culture of outrage that America tends to find itself in. In terms of your company, ask: What is the message to our critics and who will deliver it on behalf of the company? Is everyone ready to stick with the central message? Is the company’s message authentic and heartfelt, or does it need to be strong and commanding? Whatever it is, make sure it helps reach your goal.

3. Finally, before you send a press release, make sure your whole company, everyone, down to the interns, knows the plan. Even a simple email will do. This is especially important during crisis communication. Know your point person, your central message, your intended outcome and make sure all are aware. We’ve found in client PR situations, a well-meaning member of the staff will answer a seemingly harmless question on Facebook, or a reporter calls the front desk, it can get away from you.

I hope that helps you put a simple plan into place. For help with your public relations strategy this year, or to create a crisis communications plan, we’re your people. With decades of media experience and now successful businesses, we’re the team with the right blend for you. We love helping clients publicly or as your confidential consultants. Contact us today so you’re ready when the media comes calling.

Sarah Stokes is the co-owner of STOKES|HERZOG Marketing and Consulting based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company handles advertising and Human Resources consulting for large corporations, hospitals, non-profit organizations and municipalities all across the U.S. Log on to stokesherzog.com for more information.

Sarah Stokes and her husband Chris Herzog, who are both former WEAU television news anchors, started STOKES|HERZOG, an advertising and public relations agency in 2014. The agency assists both local and global clients with all of their corporate business consulting, advertising, public relations, and marketing needs including video production, website management, graphic design, social media management and overall marketing.

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