Sarah Stokes Featured on Podcast ‘Double Your Sales NOW’ with Ursula Mentjes

We are so honored to have had our own Sarah Stokes featured on the Double Your Sales NOW podcast with Ursula Mentjes. Ursula is a three-time bestselling author and an award-winning entrepreneur and sales expert. Her podcast, Double Your Sales NOW, has received numerous five-star reviews, and listeners are tuning in from over 50 countries.

Sarah’s feature in this podcast, Create, Grow and Sell with Sarah Stokes, includes helpful and practical business tips for other motivated entrepreneurs. She also shares relatable personal hurdles faced during this journey and talks about the leaps that were necessary to get to that next level of living a juicy good life.

A few key takeaways presented by Sarah in this podcast include entrepreneurs staying in alignment as much as possible, following their gut, and to always keep learning – one cannot stay stagnant in business and grow. As Sarah says, “You are what you consume.”

Tune in to the full podcast here!

Sarah Stokes and her husband Chris Herzog, who are both former WEAU television news anchors, started STOKES|HERZOG, an advertising and public relations agency in 2014. The agency assists both local and global clients with all of their corporate business consulting, advertising, public relations, and marketing needs including video production, website management, graphic design, social media management, and overall marketing.